In order to make use of analogy, i including commonly play with nouns once the adjectives

Among the many reviewer’s issues try your publication labeled “my” etc given that determiners, after they was basically indeed (within his viewpoint) pronouns

– I actually do accept your from the staying words to a minimum inside the courses, and i give your one to people are much likely to learn what adjectives is than just determiners.

In reality, I do believe I simply relate to “my”an such like once the possessives if the you prefer appears, and therefore is not that often (they won’t apparently bring about of several injury to Polish students, no less than). But course books sometimes refer to determiners, so i need to be in a position to define him or her.

The purpose I became and work out to help you Syed Usman try it is hazardous to speak for the absolutes inside the language. Because his words society and you can exploit relate to “my” etc given that determiners and “mine” an such like due to the fact “possessive pronouns” it doesn’t mean that somebody else discussing “my” etcetera as possessive pronouns are fundamentally completely wrong. Which is undoubtedly exactly how many linguists relate to her or him, such as for instance.

I learned which the tough means. I’d merely written a post having my writings to your determiners and you will pronouns, as i noticed a really (unfairly in my experience) terrible overview of a keen EFL grammar publication to your a blog having a distinctly linguistics slant. Once i dared so you’re able to remark this particular are seriously important inside the EFL, he quoted Huddleston and you will Pullum in the me, and that i was given good lecture on the “determinatives” (that we had never heard about – neither I think, have numerous somebody).

While i are as an alternative worried I’d started using it all completely wrong in the my article, I did a little research to your whole determiner / determinative situation (it’s a bit of a mess), and this my personal reference to those two reference courses. But have one to good idea to my weblog, which is that we make use of the popular words out-of EFL, thus I am sticking with the product quality EFL and you will dictionary definition of determiner I’d currently utilized, and you will leaving the new odd and you will wonderful stuff for the linguists..

We consent. If the people requested what an excellent determiner was, I would just provide them with an inventory. BTW for the Hungarian, possession is done that have noun endings maybe not independent words.

It doesn’t matter what We look at it, ‘Mine and Greg’s’ seems to be best

Earliest, you’ve got the object, the ‘child.’ And then you have the a few possessors, ‘Greg,’ in addition to pronoun to own ‘yourself.’ Based hence person you happen to be writing into the, the problem on the operation may differ. Basic body is dreadful with substance possessives!

Carry it that have a whole grain regarding salt; my ultra-super-chill certificates lay when you look at the of many treacherous and you will unedited areas out-of Fanfiction; I would not be astonished if i was considering this polish hearts reddit entirely backwards!

Plus, while in question, was claiming the fresh phrase aloud. ‘My and you will Greg’s child’ vs ‘Mine and you may Greg’s child’–what type audio ideal? You are aware which one I’d match. Just sayin’.

– so there lies an element of the disease: it is confusing separate regarding whether or not we fool around with ‘my’ or ‘mine’. (We notice that in my own first opinion I experienced presumed it was basically talking of one guy,but toward next glimpse I’d well thought a couple of was basically are known.

Furthermore it seems in my opinion unnatural to possess factors I mentioned earlier. The person got currently drawn the child/children to school, so allegedly understood its label(s) – so why not use only the names in place of so it a bit embarrassing structure?

In addition I can not accept Ashley:) – as far as i learn, i about avoid using possessive pronouns until the person or topic could have been mentioned (except perhaps in book titles). “Greg’s child and you can exploit” could really works, if indeed there a couple pupils, or more, however, “Exploit and you can Greg’s boy”? I think perhaps not.