7. What will you do with your bonus next month?

If you want to get it on all the time while your partner naturally has a lower libido, that’s a recipe for compatibility disaster. “People with discrepant sex drives really struggle down the road,” says Engler.

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While it might be easy to overlook during the honeymoon phase when you’re naturally more physical, “the lower sex drive person often can’t keep up with accommodating the higher driver person,” Engler explains.

This one can be hard to resolve, she adds, so talking https://besthookupwebsites.org/senior-match-review/ about it up front is a super important part of determining your future compatibility.

6. What is your sexual style?

While you’re at it, ask your partner about their sexual style, Engler says. “It’s good to reflect on how each person approaches sex emotionally and erotically,” she says. If your perfect night involves some kinky S&M but your partner is more about rose petals and romantic music, it can be tricky.

“If both partners are open to expanding, this can work,” Engler says. “But if you are both rigid and fixed in your ways, you may end up feeling chronically frustrated.”

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