As a 40 something female, I deal with sexual frustration regularly

A woman in my old ministry years back shared her frustrations of being single, at her sexual peak, but traveling for business, no opportunity to date or a relationship

Dear Mark, One of the reasons you do not get all the answers you need for this kind of problem is because not many know the true answer and I do not claim to be an expert! LOL Firstly, I want us all to understand that this is far from a single guy or gals issue! Good solid ples: wife too tired because of nursing and getting up and taking care of baby plus her regular daily work or job, sometimes husbands feel replaced, rejected…we’ll save this for another day. Husband is handed a crushing load of responsibility from his salaried job, so he is working 90 hours a week and can not afford (in his mind) that he can allow anything else in his life, his job is sucking the life out of him….

Anyhow, I am assuming that you are a very passionate person, a get it done kind of guy, like to lead and not a follower, if I am wrong, just say so, lol God has made you this way to be the leader he has chosen you to be. David was one of these types and screwed up a little! Some people do not have this kind of calling and have a hard time understanding them that do. This next part is not easy, and will most likely only understood by those that have this type of calling on their lives Please see this as a blessing and not a curse! There is a time and place for everything in our lives, even this! Learn to take this sexual drive and let it manifest itself into the leadership role, or for the preparation of that leadership role that He has planned for you.

Thank God for the extra energy that He has placed in you to fight and win many battles in life as king David did and saving the people many times. But as of now, use that extra power, energy that God has blessed you with to overcome in the positions that you now are in. If I knew more about you I could more accurately access the situation. This is kind of like a fuel booster so you can get the job done (whatever that may be at this time of your life) and do it quite easily, compared to someone that does not have this gift and they would most likely fail in the mission.

Say “Thank you Father for this gift you have given me and I will use it to glorify you and your purposes at this time! Ask him where He wants you to apply this extra boost of energy that he is supplying you with, listen closely to that still small voice and run with it! This truth will absolutely change your life! What you thought all this time was a frustrating, unsolvable challenge was Gods way of equipping you. How powerful is that! You are so special. You have a special calling no doubt, God needs sons and daughters like you to fulfill his purposes on this earth. Use your gifts appropriately and you will be a very blessed man.

Harness this extra power God has given you and use it for His good, and when the time comes that you can actually release that energy in a sexual way it will be a most wonderful thing

Mark, I totally hear what you’re saying. It’s biological and there’s no getting around it. You’re right, I wish any of us had the answer to our plight. And it is a plight. It’s darned unfair to be single and unattached when we have needs, and struggle to stay faithful to God, for marriage, when it never seems to happen.